Dear President Obama, Stand Up For Strong Security No Secret Backdoors in Our Technology

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What this is:

Certain members of Congress and the FBI want to force companies to give the government special access to our data—such as by building security vulnerabilities or giving the government a “golden key” to unlock our encrypted communications. But security experts agree that it is not possible to give the government what it wants without creating vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors.

These proposals jeopardize not just our private data, but the security of every technology that relies on this encryption.

One voice could tilt the balance in this debate. We need the President to speak out for uncompromised security.

Publicly affirm your support for strong encryption.

Reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine our security.

The government should not erode the security of our devices or applications, pressure companies to keep and allow government access to our data, mandate implementation of vulnerabilities or backdoors into products, or have disproportionate access to the keys to private data.

We demand privacy, security, and integrity for our communications and systems. As a public, we should be confident that the services we use haven’t been weakened or compromised by government mandate or pressure. No legislation, executive order, or private agreement with the government should undermine our rights.

Weakening encryption weakens the entire Internet. Mr. President, please endorse strong encryption, and encourage other world leaders to do the same.

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